20th March 2024 - Water Soluble Oils: Mountains, Rivers + Waterfalls 90

Oils are a forgiving and versatile medium, with water-mixable oils being less smelly and easier to wash up for a group workshop. Paul will focus on the Alla Prima process, designed to create a painting quickly while keeping colours clean and mark making direct and economical.

Mountains, rivers and waterfalls are natural and forgiving subjects, perfect for exploring new techniques and the medium of water-mixable oils.

You need to bring your own materials, but if you do not have many oil paint tubes, we can find some extras for you to use.

Paul Weaver

Paul Weaver is a full-time artist, tutor and demonstrator specialising in watercolour. His primary inspirations are light and atmospheric effects. Townscapes, markets and the bustle of the city are favourite subjects, as well as landscape, marine and coastal scenes.